PREET 4549 CR - 4WD 45 HP Tractor

PREET 4549 CR – 4WD Tractor is intended for carrying out the powerful general-purpose works in farming, main and preplant tillage, sowing, harvesting by use of high-performance combined and wide-cut aggregates, and transportation works. It is the base module to modify the tractors used in communal services and forestry. As the exception that confirms more wide capabilities of the conventional assembly tractors, the PREET 4549 CR – 4WD Tractor can be used on all types of work, including inter-row cultivation of tilled crops.

The up-to-date construction and advanced solutions embodied in this tractor ensure its year-round operation and efficacious work, especially when working with modern aggregates. The PREET 4549 CR – 4WD Tractor is the up-to-date general concept of the tractors with a low-toxicity engine. Task-oriented and thorough going conversion of the experimental-design project to global operation and maximum efficiency.


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PREET 4549 CR - 4WD Tractor Features

PREET 4549 CR - 45 HP 4 Wheel Drive Tractor comes with plenty of features to assist you in the daily farming works. Equipped with advanced features PREET 4549 CR is capable of almost every agricultural application. Some of the features are stated as under:

  • Carraro Synchronisation Transmission.
  • Combination of Synchro Mesh + Constant Mesh.
  • Side Gear.
  • Projector Lights With LED (Optional).
  • Dana Front Axle.
  • Power Steering.
  • Electronic Meter.
  • Planetary Oil Immersed Brakes.
  • Extra Leg Space.
  • Bonnet Lock with Key
  • Live PTO 540.
  • Mobile Charger.
  • Aero Dynamic Bonnet.


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