MD's Message

From the Desk of a Great Visionery

Life on Farm is school of patience, you cannot rush the growth of crop or Make an Ox in two days”, Growing up with such valuable learning from my family, I have lived in the hardships of farmer myself. Farming is one of the most challenging yet among the most noble professions in the world. Farmer with his hard-work toiling the soil draws life on canvas of Mother Earth, feeding thousands of people without being partial.

Instantly the words that flash before my eyes are “Farming with Passion” passion to succeed, passion to feed, passion for better tomorrow, passion to “Make In India”

If in a country the agriculture grows, along with it the country scales the growth ladder. Thus, I would like to focus on agriculture with a sustainable approach, no doubt India is known for “Green Revolution” but one leg which was not touched upon with similar enthusiasm was Farm mechanization. On one side we increased productivity with better seeds and fertilizers which sets an example that others nations can follow, but farm mechanization missed the same growth curve. The mechanization is still limited from soil preparation to sowing of seeds only, handful of farmers have stretched to next level that is Harvesting and post harvest processing of crops. Once we attain complete mechanization of our farms not only our productivity will reach a new high, it will be a step closer to sustainable future.

Now you must be wondering machines needs power to run them which currently is derived from fossil fuels and we are talking of sustainable and green future. That is because new technologies like Bio-diesel and hydrogen cell powered machines are not a dream anymore, on similar path my vision is to make such machines for our better future. It brings a big smile on my face when I similar commitment in the complete Preet family.

S. Hari Singh - MD PREET Group of Industries