PREET 987 - Deluxe Model (AC Cabin)

The all new PREET 987 - Deluxe Model combine harvester with AC Cabin is the true leader of crop harvesters. It represents the best performance, productivity and serviceability available at the moment. PREET 987 - Deluxe Model is loaded with most advanced features. This Multicrop Combine Harvester is designed for harvesting all traditional grain crops like Wheat, Paddy, Soyabean, Sunflower and Mustrad etc. Some of the features are as under:

  • Engine Cooling by Clean Air through Rotating Sieve.
  • Hydraulically Operated Discharge Tube.
  • Heavy Duty 5 Speed Single Lever Gear Box.
  • Folding Type Stanless Steel Elevators.
  • Heavy Duty Reel.
  • Wide Straw Walker.
  • Thourough Threshing, No Grain Breakage.
  • Large Sieve Area for Optimum Grain Cleaning.
  • Small Turning Radius.
  • Power Steering.
  • Heavy Duty Chassi.
  • Disk Brake.
  • Good maneuverability in the Wet and Soft Fields.
  • Well adaptation to the crops of slightly wet, lodged, or hard to thresh.
  • New Graphics with New Color.

Specifications & Features

PREET 987 - Deluxe Model with AC Cabin features a high-power 6-cylinder Diesel Engine (110 PS @ 2200 RPM). A large Torque Reserve, Simple Design, Low Maintenance Costs are coupled with High Fuel Efficiency and Friendly to the Environment. Clean grain is stored in a large-capacity (2.52 m) grain tank. Such capacity increases performance efficiency by reducing unload cycles. Improved Augar System for Quick Unloading of grains into trucks and trailers.

Threshing System with Flexible Concave ensures active separation with minimum damage to grains and straw, including in the most complex field conditions. The improved threshing system is makes sure consistent and gentle threshing without loss. 606 mm Dia separator boosters facilitate a smother crop flow. Straw walkers with large separation area providing autonomous rethreshing unit will ensure that crops are harvested with minimal loss. Shaking amplitude of walkers is selected specially for getting maximized recovery of grains from the straw mat. Note: Technical Specification may change/update without any prior notice.


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